2018 Passenger Survey Report now available

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5th January 2019

Follow the link: https://www.gov.im/categories/travel-traffic-and-motoring/passenger-survey

Some of the Key Points

The number of visitors during 2018 increased by 0.8% to 308,263.

Resident travel increased by 0.2% to 382,993.

For both residents and visitors, all increases are accounted for by a rise in air travel of 5.2%. Total sea travel in 2018 fell by -6.0%.

The number of non-business visitors staying in paid accommodation decreased very slightly by -0.7%.

Business visitors to the Island have increased significantly by 10.1%. Business visitors travelling by air increased by 24.0%, while business visitors by sea have decreased by -31.8%.

The estimated total expenditure by visitors to the Island during 2018 increased by 7.3% to £132.8m, and average visitor spend increased by 12.2% to £489.

A detailed breakdown of the types of passengers departing the Isle of Man is shown below:

Period Visitors Staying in Paid Accommodation (PVPA) 145,738
Period Visitors Staying with Friends or Relatives (PVFR) 98,910
Isle of Man Residents (RES) 382,993
Business People (BV) 59,565
Day Trippers (DV) 4,051
Total 691,256